Previous nanoTalks

Previous nanoTalks

nanoTalks: Technology for agriculture


University of Zurich - Irchel Campus, Room: Y16-G-05

Discover how drones are revolutionizing crop protection by tracking chemical and genetic signatures of pests, enabling early detection and…

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nanoTalks: Music, Movement and the Mind


University of Zürich - Irchel Campus, Room: Y16-G-05

How can music be used to help Parkinson’s patients? And why is it important to give your brain a break sometimes (not only for musicians)? Discover…

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nanoTalks: Language and Cognition


Universtität Irchel, Room Y03G85

Discover how these «cognitive fossils» unearthed by Bollée's research shed light on our psychology's evolution and its adaptability across cultures.…

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nanoTalks: Innovation for tomorrow


Salle Anthropole - 4078, Université de Lausanne

In the october nanoTalks we will dicuss innovations for tomorrow. Danashi Medagoda, a doctoral student, discusses the challenges in engineering…

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January nanoTalks: Insects ecology


Université de Lausanne, L'auditoire III Cubotron

January's nanoTalks are dedicated to insects. In the first talk, Dr. Riddhi Deshmukh will show at how genomic data determines the social structure of…

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November nanoTalks: Nobel prizes 2022


Universität Zürich, KOL-G-221

The nanoTalks in November focus on this years Nobel Prizes. We will discuss how two concepts of highly selective and efficient reactions have changed…

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January nanoTalks: Snow & Climate Change


YouTube Live Stream:

In the January nanoTalks you learn what arctic snow tells us about climate change and how researchers improve climate models with the help of drones.

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November nanoTalks: Nobel Prizes


Online (YouTube)

Join our nanoTalks in November and learn what is behind the 2020 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physics. You will gain insights into CRISPR - today's…

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nanoTalks: Autonomous Robots


University of Zurich, Main Building, K02-F-175

The development of autonomous robots has greatly changed our lives - and will even more so in the future. Come and join us for the next round of…

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