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March nanoTalks: whales, sharks and ocean conservation

The nanoTalks in March are all about marine biology: Learn how marine research can benefit from the use of new technologies (e.g. drones) and how we can do something for sharks and the sea - even in landlocked Switzerland!


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Nanotalks website image mar22


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Talk 1: A revolutionary tool for marine biology

Presented by Charlotte Bellot, SCS and scientific collaborator for the University of Neuchâtel

About ten years ago, marine scientists began to use new technologies to improve their sampling capabilities. Research in the field of marine biology has exploded with the arrival of unmanned aerial vehicles (i.e. drones) in science. More economical, less invasive, they allow many non-negligible advantages, and in particular that of bringing a whole lot of new and encouraging perspectives for studying cetaceans. So many aspects that will be discussed during this nanotalk.

Talk 2: Sharks, an unknown species

Presented by Roger Bischof, Co-lead referent team SHARKPROJECT Switzerland

Even in landlocked Switzerland, we can do something for the sharks and the sea! Most of the work is indirect, but it ultimately benefits the shark and the sea. We often still hear about «man-eater» or «the shark is dangerous, I would be afraid to meet one». These statements often come from ignorance. In this nanoTalk Roger Bischof will give an introduction about sharks, their anatomy and their role in the marine ecosystem.

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