Scientific Storytelling Workshop Nov20

Scientific Storytelling Workshop

Join the Scimpact storytelling workshop to learn the fundamentals of storytelling, addressing your audience and bringing your message across. In this two session workshop, you will learn the theory on the first evening and apply it to your own topic on the second evening.


Zürich, ETH Zentrum

Free, max. 14 participants

Scientific Storytelling Workshop Nov20

Free, max. 14 participants

This is a two-part workshop. Participation in both parts is required.

Part 2: 14.05.2024 at 18:30.

Do you want to share your story with people? Learn techniques of how to get a message across to your audience? Then join our Scientific Storytelling Workshop, learn how to tell a story about your topic, exercise doing so and get feedback on your story. This is your chance to train giving short and interesting talks and learn more about creative forms of storytelling:

  • You will get a training in how to structure a talk
  • You will get insights into different story formats and knowledge about when to apply them in your area of interest
  • You will do an exercise of applying a story format to your own topic and get feedback from the coaches & the group

The workshop will take part in 2 sessions. The first one is on the 29th of April, 18:30 to 20:30. The second session, where you will put the theory learned on the first day into practice, will take part on the 14th of May, 18:30 to 20:30. Only sign up if you can participate in both sessions. The workshop will take place in person in Zurich, but remote participation via Zoom is possible if travel to Zurich would limit your ability to participate.

This interactive workshop is lead by Luca Schaufelberger (Reatch board member & Co-Lead in the Franxini project) and Joel Lüthi (Reatch board member).

It is exclusive to members of Reatch and fellows of the Scimpact program. Scimpact fellows have registration priority. Register via Slack or email to