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Reatching into the Rabbit Hole: Fatigue … When Society comes to a standstill

Fatigue. We have all heard this word before, but what does it actually mean, medically? Is fatigue something we, as a society, should worry about? In our next Reatching into the Rabbit Hole, we discuss exactly this. After a short input from our expert, we will get those neurons firing and thinking, as we dive into a not-so-distant future scenario.


KO2-F-152, Karl Schmid-Strasse 4, Zürich

max. 25 participants

Logo RRH Nov 22 min

max. 25 participants

It’s the year 2100. Population aging, sedentary lifestyle and the associated increase in chronic disorders have become a problem societies cannot ignore anymore. Fatigue is highly prevalent in the population and this is creating major downfalls in productivity, with clear economic consequences. On top of this, fatigue being an inherently subjective experience, it is currently very difficult for those employed to prove that they are affected without facing skepticism, and, in some cases, discrimination.

Imagine you have been assigned to an interdisciplinary task force that has been tasked to address the societal issues that have unfolded, as well as develop and implement potential solutions. How would you tackle them?

Join us! We look forward to your insights on this fascinating topic.

Unfortunately places are limited to 25 people, therefore please register with your name and contact information via the following form. If you are unable to participate after signing up, please cancel your registration by sending an email to Giorgio Ravioli. We are looking forward to meeting you at the event!


Reaching into the Rabbit Hole (RRH) is a journey into a possible future scenario. Like Alice following the white rabbit into Wonderland, we follow a person who is familiar with a scientific thesis or technology and consider what this means for society in the future, making abstract topics tangible and allowing for discussions.