Rabbit Hole

Reatching into the Rabbit Hole - Press [Enter] to Begin: Life in a Gamified Society

It is the year 2100. With the rapid development of virtual reality technologies and digital existence, every state has created its own, state of the art virtual platform that has been gamified for education, social interactions and activities concerned with everyday life. This completely customizable system accompanies and supports its users throughout their day. It carries out their requests while adapting to their preferences and habits. It offers tailor-made opportunities for self-improvement, health, and leisure activities - all for a better life! Would this level of gamification make life and work more interesting? Or does a system defined by motivational design constitute the end of free thinking and independent development?


Online (Zoom)

Free, max. 20 participants

Rabbit Hole

Free, max. 20 participants

Games make everything more fun and interesting and now, with rapidly developing technologies, they are more engaging than ever. What would life look like if our entire society was enhanced by playful interactions? This can range from learning, to rehabilitation, to meeting people. While we’re at it, let’s gamify being good citizens by completing tasks, collecting points and leveling-up. When do we reach the point where we have to draw a line?

In this event, we will dive into the world of games. First, we will explore the gamification of tomorrow and discover in which areas of our lives we already experience motivational design today. Gamification brings opportunities and dangers alike. Sophie Walker, start-up founder and researcher at ZHdK, will be our designated rabbit leading us through this burrow. We will then have open discussions to explore possible future realities.

We live in a society that is learning to harness the power of gaming (for example, Fold It and OPower). For better and for worse, the future is digital, optimized, and interactive. Introducing more game elements into our lives brings the promise of effortless learning, exploring new technologies, and unlimited potential for creativity and pleasure. At the same time, it becomes easier to manipulate values, streamline behaviours and dictate societal ideals.

So, which future do you choose? You are the protagonist in this scenario, and you have the power to shape the direction of your society. Do you accept this quest?

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The 16th Reatching into the Rabbithole is organized by Vinisha Varghese, Ipek Efe (Scimpact Fellows), Philipp Markolin (biologist), Giorgio Ravioli (economist) and Rasmus Ischebeck (physicist) - together with the «white rabbit» Sophie Walker (game designer/ researcher).

Date and time: 16.06.2021, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Number of participants: 20

Language: English

Location: Online (Zoom link after registration)

Registration: To register, please fill out the following form by 15th at the latest.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Ipek Efe or Vinisha Vargese!

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«Crazy ideas, scientifically grounded» ist das Motto von «Reatching into the Rabbit Hole» (RRH). RRH nutzt (i) solide wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse, um (ii) durchdachte Ideen über morgen zu entwickeln, um (iii) Erkenntnisse für heute zu gewinnen. Jede Reise durch den «Kaninchenbau» erforscht ein zum Nachdenken anregendes Szenario, indem die Auswirkungen von Wissenschaften, Technologie und gesellschaftlichen Veränderungen auf unser Leben kreativ extrapoliert werden. RRH ergänzt wissenschaftliche Aspekte mit erzählerischen und diskursiven Elementen.