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Pizza, Philosophy and Science: Psychedelic Research Trends

Embark on a journey into psychedelic science while enjoying pizza in a cozy living room. Discuss how psychedelic research applies to modern lifestyles with expert Helena Aicher, UZH, in the field, creating an engaging and insightful experience beyond the confines of a traditional lecture hall.


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Scimpact invites you to Philosophy and Pizza Night on March 13 from 18:30 - 20:00 to dive deep into the intersections of hustle culture, happiness, success definitions, and mental health, all while exploring the intriguing role psychedelics play in providing alternative perspectives and potential therapeutic benefits.

As we gather around slices of piping-hot pizza, we embark on a thought-provoking journey through the nuances of hustle culture. We’ll ponder the impact this relentless pursuit of success has on our collective happiness and question conventional definitions of success that often accompany it. Are the long hours and constant hustle conducive to fulfillment, or do they inadvertently contribute to stress and burnout?

Our philosophical exploration extends to mental health, where we consider the toll of hustle culture on our well-being. Does the pressure to constantly achieve and strive for more create a fertile ground for anxiety and discontent? How can we reconcile pursuing success with maintaining a healthy mental state?

Enter psychedelics, a fascinating avenue for alternative perspectives and potential therapeutic benefits. Psychedelic research is making a comeback in science, as shown by ETH’s first Psychedelic Science course offered during the autumn 2023 semester. Can psychedelics provide a fresh outlook on success, challenging societal norms and prompting a redefinition of what it means to lead a fulfilling life?

Drawing on both philosophical and scientific insights, Scimpact's Philosophy and Pizza Night encourages open-minded dialogue on the potential benefits of psychedelics. How might these substances contribute to mental health, offering new pathways to self-discovery and introspection? Are they a revolutionary tool for navigating the challenges imposed by hustle culture, fostering resilience and balance?

Join us as we savor the flavors of philosophy and pizza, engaging in a spirited discussion that transcends the ordinary and explores the profound connections between hustle culture, happiness, success, and mental health, all while contemplating the intriguing role psychedelics play in shaping our understanding of these intricate facets of human experience.

Language: English

Fee: 15 CHF, supporter ticket: 25 CHF

Deadline: 8. March 2024

Über das Format Pizza, Philosophy & Science

Pizza essen und dabei über Fragen aus der Philosophie und den Naturwissenschaften diskutieren. Im Park oder einem gemütlichen Wohnzimmer. Und erst noch zusammen mit einer/einem Expert*in aus dem jeweiligen Forschungsgebiet.

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