Benedikt schmidt

Schmidt, Benedikt

Scimpact, Community


A democratic society determines what it wants to achieve. No science can help here. It is politics that shapes coexistence and lays down rules. Once the goal has been set, orientation is needed. This is where the sciences can contribute valuable insights. They describe phenomena, substantiate hypotheses and develop permanently. They show scenarios and facilitate impact assessments. They illuminate broad, long-term perspectives. Researchers have a responsibility to make these tools available. This is what Reatch is working on.

Ideational and financial connections

Ideational connections with leading function

  • Board Reatch (2021 - 2022, 2023 - now)
  • Lead Format Pizza, Philosophy & Science at Reatch (2020 - 2023)
  • Co-lead local group effektive altruism Basel (2022)

Ideational connections without leading function

Memberships, donations and patronages:

  • Swiss Society for Biomedical Ethics (2022 - now)
  • Swiss Mathematical Society (2022 - now)
  • SKUBA (studentische Körperschaft der Universität Basel, 2015 - 2022)
  • Swiss Study Foundation (2015 - now)
  • regional group Bern, foraus (2018)

Financial connections

  • Trainee at State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO (2023 - now)

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Qualifications and competences

I nurtured my interest in various sciences in medicine, philosophy and mathematics. I gained valuable practical experience in direct interpersonal interaction through various engagements in higher education policy, asylum and teaching. Thanks to my activities at Reatch, I learned many skills in the areas of communication, leadership, event organisation and cooperation. With my background in the periphery and in different scientific disciplines, I want to be a bridge builder, promoting trust and understanding.