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Literature Synthesis Report on Gene Technology in Agriculture

An Evidence Review Group organized by the Swiss Academy of Sciences has looked in a multi-stakeholder scientific dialogue process at the currently available scientific evidence on agro-gene technology, with a focus on the Swiss context. Reatch was tasked to synthesise the literature provided by the Members of the Evidence Review Group and is happy to present the resulting synthesis report.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the Literature Synthesis Report that my colleagues wrote on behalf of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT). This document contains the executive summary of the four chapters of the Literature Synthesis Report:

  • Executive summary of the chapter “Molecular and Metabolic Effects” by Michael Kümin (133 publications)
  • Executive summary of the chapter “Health Effects” by Sandro Christensen (82 publications)
  • Executive summary of the chapter “Ecological and Agronomic Effects” by Hélène Gonnet (189 publications)
  • Executive summary of the chapter “Current Legal Framework” by Dario Picecchi

Each chapter gives an overview of the most important findings regarding the three key questions defined by the SCNAT Evidence Review Group (ERG) and over the current legal framework regarding GMOs and, specifically, GM crops in Switzerland and Europe. Details on the key questions as well as on the workflow are outlined in the fifth chapter of this report (“Workflow”).This summary marks the conclusion of a challenging but insightful process that lasted almost four years and that was accompanied by intense scientific discussions (see the corresponding summary by the Swiss Academy of Sciences). Therefore, the Literature Synthesis Report underwent multiple rounds of revisions including various comments and remarks from the members of the ERG for which we are very grateful. In order to keep the workflow as transparent as possible, the chapter “Workflow” also contains details on the review process.I hope that the information summarised herein will provide a solid basis for future societal and political discussions on genetically modified organisms in the context of agriculture and agricultural products.

Servan L. GrüningerPresident Reatch! Research. Think. Change.

Literature Synthesis Report

Download the Literature Synthesis Report here.


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