Online Collaboration Method

Workshop: Online Collaboration Methods

In this workshop you will learn about different tools for online events and discussions. We will show you THE tricks to motivate participants to join in. This workshop is for everyone who leads or participates in online events and wants to know how to do it better.


Online (link will follow after registration)

Free, max. 15 participants

Online Collaboration Method

Free, max. 15 participants

When you ask a question in an online session, no one feels addressed. You try to encourage participants to brainstorm, but you have no idea how best to share the results. And anyway, you don't know if half the participants are still listening or if they've put the microphone on mute, turned off the camera, and gone to the kitchen for coffee.

In this workshop you will learn about different online tools (e.g. Discord, YouTube, Miro) and for which purposes they are suitable. In addition, we will show you moderation tricks so that listeners or viewers stay involved and actively participate. The workshop is led by Anna Krebs. It is open for scimpact fellows and Reatch members. If you have any questions, please contact Benedikt Schmidt.

Language: English

Online. Link will follow after registration.

Registration: Via registration form below until 13.3.2022.