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The Text Bunker

Once you have found a great text idea, you can finally start writing. Reatch offers you the opportunity to withdraw into the virtual «Text Bunker» for an afternoon with other writing enthusiasts and work diligently on planned texts.


Online (Link will be sent upon registration)


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Due to the Corona situation, we meet online. Each fellow writes for him- or herself, but questions about content, direct feedback on sentence combinations or help in finding synonyms should find a place in the joint exchange. The aim is to have a first draft of your text by the end of the Text Bunker. Please send an abstract of your blog idea until the 18th of December via email to Olivia Meier.

When? Saturday, 08.1.2021, 13-16

Where? Online (Link will be sent upon registration)

Who? Scimpact-Fellows and Reatch members

Language English / German

Registration by January 4th (send an email to Olivia Meier)